It's not how people see me or think I am, it's who I really am that matters. I won't care for those who don't see me the way I am.

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Wow! they’re amazing!

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“I think you’ll know.”
            Arizona Robbins Speeches → 5.14 “Beat Your Heart Out”

I love this ones!

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Stephen Wilkes is a guy with some serious patience. He photographs the same spot for a minimum of ten hours! The goal is to capture the transformation of a selected area from day to night. 

Photos Show Transformation From Day to Night in Single Frame

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Hangzhou hello :)

Hangzhou hello :)


One day I’ll take a wonderful picture which I’m really proud of it. After that I’ll continue taking pictures of things, people, and scenery. One day. :-D

There are so many spirits in the air tonight, trying to pull me away..